Is email marketing dead? What do industry big dogs say?

February 15, 2023

Our team takes a look at the current marketing email service providers in 2023 and their opinions on the question ‘is email marketing dead’?

Who are the players - the marketing email service providers?

The history of email marketing is now over 45 years old. Since the first email blast was sent in 1978, many things have changed and remain the same.

Did you know that it only took humans ten years of email abuse for the term ‘spam’ to be entered into the Oxford English Dictionary?

Since the 90s, marketing email service providers have come and gone, each building on the last. In some ways, email marketing services have led to the evolution of the utilization of SaaS software in SMBs. Today’s marketing place is crowded but mature. The following list is not an exhaustive account of every type and style of marketing email service provider. Still, it is a list most commonly used when looking for tested, credible, and cost-effective solutions.

Our Top 3 - Marketing Email Service Providers



Avg Deliverability Score

Best for By Business Size

Intro Price for Upto 5,000 contacts

Constant Contact


Small - Medium




Medium - Large




Small - Medium



In total there are around 60 email marketing solutions on the market. Each has its pros and cons. At Marketing Sweeet, we’ve repeatedly used and recommended Constant Contact for our clients when launching email campaigns for the first time. Why?

  1. As marketing email service providers go, they have been around the block and know the space. Constant Contact was launched in 1995.

  2. Positive reputation with Google, Microsoft, and more matter for email marketing effectiveness. With that in mind, Constant Contact has consistently good deliverability results.

  3. It is easy to onboard and manage for businesses new to email marketing.
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What do the top 3 email marketing service providers say to the question ‘is email marketing dead.’? 


Constant Contact


Email is a fast and effective way to reach your audience.”




“Is Email Marketing Dead? No, But These Practices Are”


Mail Chimp


“When you want to…sell your stuff, email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so.”


Is email marketing dead? Nope.  

Email is here to stay. While regulations may become more challenging as technology advances and privacy concerns collide, the tool is still one of the more effective ways to reach customers and generate brand loyalty. 

Are you looking for email marketing support?

Marketing Sweeet has the experience and cost-effective strategies to build your email marketing program, customer newsletter series, or any other email marketing needs. Learn more about the services we offer and how we work.


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