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Marketing Sweeet LLC is a remotely distributed, woman-owned marketing agency providing clients with a suite of talented marketing professionals. We are your embedded and flexible marketing department.

Our team helps Marketing Directors, CMOs, and CEOs build their brand. From single projects to long-term engagements, our team has the experience, talent, resources, and connections to produce the results you need. We are the team that advises, designs, and thoroughly commits to understanding your business by providing you with tailored marketing solutions.

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our team

Owner and Lead Content Developer Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown

Owner & Lead Content Developer, Colorado
Client Marketing Manager Emma Schock

Emma Schock

Client Marketing Manager, Illinois
Graphic Designer Jessica Schroder

Jessica Schroder

Graphic Designer, Colorado
Google Ads/Strategic Marketing Expert Mary Scarborough

Mary Scarborough

Google Ads/Strategic Marketing, North Carolina

work samples

Grand Concerts Rebrand

Grand Concerts Rebrand

Marketing Sweeet helped Grand Concerts refresh their brand with a new logo and color palette to match their location in the Colorado mountains and “casual excellence in a casual atmosphere.”
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Network Zen Google Ads Management

Network Zen Google Ads Management

Marketing Sweeet optimized Google Ads to hit Network Zen’s target audiences and geographies, increase click-through rates, and drive traffic to landing pages.
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Anime Ohio Social Media Posts

Anime Ohio Social Posts

Anime Ohio wanted on-brand, visually engaging graphics to advertise their upcoming special guests. Our team used existing brand assets and collaborated with the client to best achieve that goal.
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our core values

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The Sweeet Life

All we truly have in this life is time. And it is past time the average worker gains the self-determination needed to succeed in a modern era. The outdated model of a 40-hour week, salaried position, and brutal commute times no longer produce the value it once did to the American employee.

We are pioneering a new model of gig-economy work. One that enables and encourages workers to earn income in diversified ways to promote personal balance and economic resilience.

Mindful Business

The team strives for a higher level of accountability and effectiveness when serving our clients. We only recommend solutions that will benefit the client. At times, we will turn down work or clients. It's nothing personal. It's mindful business. Never take a client or sell a solution if it isn't a good fit because, without that mindset, we all lose time (aka money) in the end. Who wants to lose time when it's all we truly have in this life?

Illustration of mindful business
Illustration of personal balance

Personal Balance

Throughout our day-to-day lives, we strive to create a balance between work, play, rest, and growth. Each is necessary for a healthy, curious, and creative mind. Without work, we cannot afford our existence. A lack of play makes our work dull and unengaging. We become unhealthy with a lack of rest. Without growth, we languish and lose our spark for life. Our balance ensures we operate at our best for our communities and our clients.


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